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  Full Featured View Model Style Video Player - A fully "Completely Designable in Expression Blend 4" video player. All Media Element features are implemented including "seeking back and forth" (by clicking on the progress control if using the default example UI). [Article] Dynamically Loading Silverlight Video Players using MEF - An example using MEF to dynamically load Silverlight Video Players [Article]


  View Model and the Silverlight DataGrid - The Silverlight DataGrid using Inline Editing, Paging, Sorting, and Button Events, using View Model (MVVM) [Article] Silverlight Configurator - A dynamic configurator using web services, and the Wrap Panel, with Flow Layout for animation  [Article] [Article]


  Creating Multiple Dynamic View Models using the Tab Control - An example of Silverlight Application that creates multiple dynamic Views [Article] Central Silverlight Business Rules Validation - Using Fluent Validation on the website to validate business rules in a Silverlight application [Article]



  Programmatic Silverlight Tree View Control Node Expansion - Programmatically manipulating a Silverlight Tree Control when using View Model (MVVM) [Article] [Article] Simple Attendance Application - A demo application using the Silverlight Sterling Database using View Model (MVVM)  [Article] [Article]
  A Simple Silverlight CRUD Example - A simple example that Creates, Reads, Updates, and Deletes records from the database using View Model Style and RX Extensions   [Blog][Article] Expression Blend Number Guesser using DataStore - A Silverlight number guesser program created with no code  [Article]
  View Model Style PopUp - How to make Modal Popup windows using View Model Style. [Article] View Model Style PopUp Example 2 / [Unit Testing]- Unit testing View Model Style (including how to unit test a Modal Popup window using View Model Style) [Article]

View Model Style - A Total Re-Design - This is a total re-design of the View Model Style Silverlight Search application, with no code changes. [Article]

Communication between Master and Child View Models - An example of Silverlight View Model communication between Master and Child View Models [Article]


  Blendable View Model Communication - Easily implement two-way communication between Master and Child View Models that works with Microsoft expression Blend  [Article] Unsaved Data Detection - Detect that a user has un-saved changes and popup a box that allows them to stop navigating away from the page  [Article]
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  View Model Style Silverlight Search - An example of a simple Silverlight search application that uses View Model Style. It also demonstrates using RX Extensions to call a web service. [Article] MEF Simplified: Using The Managed Extensibility Framework to Dynamically Load a Silverlight .XAP - How to use The Managed Extensibility Framework to Dynamically Load a Silverlight .XAP using View Model Style   [Article]
  OData Authentication Example - A simple example of using Forms Authentication to secure WCF Service methods when using OData [Article] OData Paging Sample - An example of Silverlight 4 OData Paging with RX Extensions  [Article]
  Silverlight Simple MVVM Upload Control Example - A Silverlight upload control created using View Model / MVVM. Allows users to browse for a file or drag and drop a file to upload [Article]

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